To promote, preserve, and support the grand jury system.


1. Provide residents and public officials of San Francisco with informational and educational materials and activities on the California grand jury system that will help increase public and official awareness of the valuable role the grand jury plays in our democratic system of government, and

2. Review the implementation of past civil grand jury recommendations, issue status reports, and publicize the results, and

3. Advocate that social studies and history classes and texts in San Francisco secondary schools contain comprehensive information regarding the role of the grand jury in California, and

4. Work with sitting civil grand juries on preparing for their presentations at pertinent city commissions, GAO, and Board of Supervisors hearings and communicate with chapter membership about opportunities to attend and appear before local commissions, boards, task forces and advisory committees to monitor and/or advocate regarding issues of concern to the grand jury, and

5. Actively publicize through a broad variety of medium all San Francisco grand jury reports and their official responses in order to inform the public regarding their investigative findings, recommendations, the official reactions to them and the long-term results stemming from the implementation of the recommendations, and

6. Engage in annual outreach and recruitment efforts as appropriate for prospective grand jurors, and

7. Sponsor general membership meetings of former and current civil grand jurors and others interested in matters pertaining to the preservation and enhancement of the California civil grand jury system and continuing educational opportunities about local government, and

8. Promote the preservation of all grand jury reports, and

9. Undertake other efforts consistent with the foregoing that will increase the citizens’ and public officials’ knowledge of the grand jury system and the contributions it has made, and continues to make, to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of San Francisco’s government, and

10. Support the work of the California State Civil Grand Jury Association toward the preservation and enhancement of the grand jury system.

Approved October 16, 2014