All jurors attend a training session at the start of their term provided by the San Francisco Superior Court. The jurors learn about the functions of the grand jury, penal code sections pertaining to grand juries, statutes governing the jury’s duties and powers, how the jury conducts its business, confidentiality, timelines, rules of procedure and the selection of officers, conducting investigations, role of committees, interviewing, and report writing.

Jurors are also invited by the California Civil Grand Jurors’ Association to attend a two-day training provided by association members.

CGJA Training Program

Every year the California Grand Jurors Association (CGJA) conducts training programs for all new grand juries, which are taught by experienced and highly qualified trainers.  These programs are conducted either as a regional seminar where jurors and alternates from multiple counties convene or as an “on-site” seminar where a team of trainers travel to a specific location to conduct training for one to three counties.  All seminars include two full days of presentations and over 300 pages of training materials.

Foreperson and pro tem workshops are conducted in conjunction with the regional seminars, with one additional workshop scheduled to accommodate additional attendees. More information on these important workshops is included below.

The CGJA also conducts several full-day report writing workshops in the fall of each year. For further information, visit the training page of the CGJA website,