New 2017 Gazette Published

The San Francisco Civil Grand Jury Gazette informs the reader of the previous year’s jury reports, the effect the reports have on city government and departments, and provides information about how to apply to be a grand juror. The Gazette showcases the jury’s function and effectiveness. The Gazette has been published each spring since 2010. This year, the 8th edition features the work of the 2015-2016 jury, including these reports:

  • San Francisco’s Crime Lab: Promoting Confidence and Building Credibility
  • Auto Burglary in San Francisco
  • Maintenance Budgeting and Accounting Challenges for General Fund Depts.
  • Into the Open: Opportunities for More Timely and Transparent Investigations of Fatal SFPD Officer-Involved Shootings
  • San Francisco Homeless Health & Housing: A Crisis Unfolding On Our Streets
  • San Francisco County Jails: Our Largest Mental Health Facility Needs Attention
  • Drinking Water Safety in San Francisco: A Reservoir of Good Practice
  • Fire Safety Inspections in SF, A Tale of Two Departments: DBI & SFFD

Learn about the work of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’ Association (SFCGJA), which consists of former jurors who continue their commitment to the civil grand jury system. In particular, read about the work of the Education Committee’s mock civil grand jury program to educate juniors and seniors at Balboa High School about the civil grand jury.

The Gazette can be accessed online on the Association’s website, and on The Usual Suspects’ website, Please take a look!

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