New Gazette Published

The San Francisco Civil Grand Jury Gazette informs the reader of the previous year’s jury reports, the effect the reports have on city government and departments, and provides information about how to apply to be a grand juror. The Gazette showcases the jury’s function and effectiveness.

The Gazette has been published each spring since 2010. This year, the 6th edition features the work of the 2013-2014 jury, including these reports:

  • The Port of San Francisco – Caught Between Public Trust and Private Dollars
  • Rising Sea Levels…At Our Doorstep
  • Ethics in the City: Promise, Practice or Pretense
  • Inquiry into the Operation and Programs of the San Francisco Jails
  • The Mayor’s Office of Housing: Under Pressure and Challenged to Preserve Diversity
  • Survey of San Francisco Commission Websites

Learn about the work of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Grand Jurors’ Association (SFCGJA), which consists of former jurors who continue their commitment to the civil grand jury system. In particular, read about the work of the Implementation Review Committee (IRC) that follows up on prior year reports to ensure that agreed-upon recommendations are implemented by city government. The IRC’s first project addressed the 2005-2006 jury’s recommendations to the Office of the Assessor/Recorder. See what was discovered!

Further, learn about the award-winning work of the jury. In November 2014, the prestigious Robert Geiss Award for Excellence in Reporting was presented to the 2011-2012 jury for its report, “Déjà Vu All Over Again, San Francisco’s City Technology Needs a Culture Shock.”

130,000 copies of the Gazette will be included as a supplement in the Sunday, April 12th, 2015 edition of the San Francisco Examiner. Beginning this year, the Gazette can be accessed online on the Association’s website,, at the Examiner’s website,, beginning on the day of publication, and on The Usual Suspects’ website, Please take a look!

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